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By: Cherry.Baby Category: Games Date: 25-08-2014, 19:19 Download: 14

Freedom Planet [ENG] (2014) (PC-ENG-2014)
English | PC | 2014 | 306 MB
Genre: Action

Freedom Planet - is an arcade pixel platformer about the adventures of several characters on some distant planet.

By: Cherry.Baby Category: Games Date: 25-08-2014, 19:11 Download: 9

Jewel Match 4 [ENG] (2014) (PC-ENG-2014)
English | PC | 2014 | 223 MB
Genre: logic

In the role of the Moon, a certified graduate of the University of Magic, you have to go on an amazing match-3 journey. Use your magical experience to find the Lost Wizard Louis for more than 50 exciting levels! Enlist the help of wizards, witches, dwarves and other mysterious characters in your adventure!

By: Cherry.Baby Category: Games Date: 25-08-2014, 19:02 Download: 6

Deponia - The Complete Journey [RePack] [Multi4] (2014) (PC-ENG-2014)
English | PC | 2014 | 6.05 GB
Genre: Adventure

Life on the planet Deponia quite unlike a walk in the park. Not surprisingly, the plans Rufus failed one after another. This attempt to escape from the planet, he falls in love with a beautiful girl comes from Elysium. In his adventures, he accidentally pushes her onto convenient star cruiser that flies down to the desert planet. But the ship has an accident thereby creates a new master plan. And so begins an exciting adventure ...

By: Cherry.Baby Category: Games Date: 25-08-2014, 18:54 Download: 10

True Fear: Forsaken Souls Collector's Edition [ENG] (2014) (PC-ENG-2014)
English | PC | 2014 | 1.62 GB
Genre: Quest, Hidden Object

What does your strange and terrible dream in which there are monstrous mystical mass murder in the clinic? Just a nightmare or a sense of foreboding? Naturally, he received a letter from your sister Heather at this moment, you will immediately hit the road. You will enjoy a dangerous adventure, full of mysteries and terrible mysteries! Do you have enough courage to get to the truth and help her sister? Extras. Information : In the Collector's Edition includes: * bonus gameplay * inside passage * wallpapers * screensavers * Concept Art * soundtrack

By: Cherry.Baby Category: Games Date: 25-08-2014, 18:46 Download: 15

Age of Wonders 3: Deluxe Edition [RePack] [RUS / Multi5] (2014) (PC-ENG-2014)
English | PC | 2014 | 1.26 GB
Genre: Strategy

Age of Wonders III - the long-awaited continuation of the award-winning series of strategy games. It combines construction, war and role-playing component. Age of Wonders III - the best turn based strategy game in a fantasy world for experienced players and beginners.

By: Cherry.Baby Category: Games Date: 25-08-2014, 18:37 Download: 18

BeamNG : DRIVE (mods and assembly machines 2) [ENG] (2014) (PC-ENG-2014)
English | PC | 2014 | 1.42 GB
Genre: Simulator / Racing

BeamNG Drive - a kind of spiritual successor to Rigs Of Rods with more thoroughly physics. main focus of the game is made ​​for physical damage to transport. You can either go on the finished tracks and watch the state of your car after a collision. Taken as a basis and modified graphics engine Torgue 3D, finally turned a new engine physics simulation soft bodies! Extras. Information : In this hand, a lot of mods (maps, cars, planes, helicopters, and other fashion) Controls: Arrow Keys-riding, ctrl + e selection machines, R, I spawn, ctrl + R new position.

By: Cherry.Baby Category: Games Date: 25-08-2014, 18:29 Download: 17

Resident Evil 6 [RePack] [RUS / ENG] (2013) (PC-ENG-2014)
English | PC | 2014 | 5.19 GB
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 3rd

Resident Evil 6 combines dynamic action and the tense atmosphere of the genre of survival horror. You will see again with familiar characters - Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield, as well as meet with newcomers, including, for example, Jake Mueller. As you progress through the story you will visit North America, Eastern European countries and the Chinese province of Edon Lanshyan. We offer three separate, but closely intertwined history. In each of them the main characters and each implies the possibility of playing together - across the network. Company Leon Kennedy will make the United States a government agent Helena Harper. Chris Redfield join forces with the employee APBT Nivensom Pierce, and son of the famous Albert Ueskera mercenary Jake Muller, enlist the support of the daughter of the leading scientists of "Umbrella," William and Annette Birkin - Sherry. Combines heroes one thing they all have to face a new threat - and deadly By a mysterious virus that can produce incredible mutations.

By: Cherry.Baby Category: Games Date: 25-08-2014, 18:21 Download: 16

Underhell: Chapter 1 [RePack] [RUS / ENG] (2013) (PC-ENG-2013)
English | PC | 2013 | 4.12 GB
Genre: Action / Adventure / Horror / 3D / 1st

The main character - a professional commando, who recently lost his wife and slowly begins to go with coils alone, living in a large, once-cozy mansion. In one day occur terrorist attack on the hospital, followed by the taking of hostages. Assault troops are ready to begin their work, and we as a support waiting there. After gathering his things, we are immersed in the truck and go do their part. Very soon we will know that it is not just the terrorists, but some serious organization. Who they are and what purpose they serve? ...

By: golemsonbi Category: Games Date: 25-08-2014, 16:25 Download: 16

Arma III complete Campaign Edition Repack-R.G Mechanics (PC/ENG/2013)
English | PC | 2013 | 8.44 GB
Genre: Action (Tactical / Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person / 3rd Person

ARMA 3 - a new milestone in the genre of tactical military simulation from independent studio Bohemia Interactive, creators of the acclaimed Operation Flashpoint.

By: golemsonbi Category: Games Date: 25-08-2014, 10:53 Download: 13

The Cursed Island Mask Of Bargus Collectors Edition v1.0.0.0-TE (PC/ENG/2014)
English | PC | 2014 | 887 MB
Genre: Hidden Object

Turning on the TV, Casey finds out from breaking news that her father is missing on a remote island that carries a curse! She immediately prepares to travel to the island to find her father Overcoming considerable obstacles on the journey Casey arrives on the island and learns that her father and his entire team have disappeared in an unknown direction. As a possible clue to this mystery Casey discovers that Stromberg, one of the team members attempted to invoke the spirit Baragus using a mysterious ancient artifact. Help Casey to overcome obstacles and solve mysteries in this incredible adventure leading to an ancient city full of secrets and wonders.

By: golemsonbi Category: Games Date: 25-08-2014, 08:50 Download: 16

PuppetShow Lightning Strikes Collectors Edition v1.8.14 2014-TE (PC/ENG/2014)
English | PC | 2014 | 867 MB
Genre: Hidden Object

You have been called to Paris to investigate a string of mysterious abductions. Several women vanished recently after being struck by mysterious lightning bolts. What's more, it appears the women are being turned into... puppets! But just who is behind the crimes, what do they want, and how does it all work? To find out, you'll need to explore the streets of Paris solving tricky puzzles and uncovering hidden clues. Just remember to keep your wits about you... Not everything is as it seems in this thrilling Hidden Objects Puzzle Adventure game.

By: golemsonbi Category: Games Date: 25-08-2014, 04:32 Download: 71

The Cursed Island: Mask of Baragus Collector's Edition [ENG] (2014) (PC-ENG-2014)
English | PC | 2014 | 1.14 GB
Genre: Quest

Turn on the TV, Casey learns from the news that her father missing on the remote island of the damned. She immediately decides to go back and find his father. On the way the girl had to overcome significant obstacles - and here it is on the island. It turns out that Casey's father disappeared along with his entire group. However, there is a hint - Stromberg, one of the study participants tried to evoke the spirit Baragusa, using an ancient artifact. Casey help to overcome all obstacles and solve all puzzles in this incredible adventure on the way to the city, full of mysteries and miracles. Additional. Information : Collector's Edition Features: - extra chapter - inside passage - wallpapers - screensavers - Concept Art - soundtrack

By: Cherry.Baby Category: Games Date: 25-08-2014, 04:00 Download: 26

The Forest (2014/ENG) (PC-ENG-2014)
English | PC | 2014 | 1.04 GB
Genre: Action (FPS) / Adventure

The protagonist of the game is still alive after the plane crash on a desert island. The main task - to survive: cut trees to build yourself a shelter, hunt for wild animals and plant or search results, so as not to starve to death, and do not forget to keep the hearth to keep warm. At nightfall, everything changes: hunting out mutant cannibals. You will have to fight back with the help of available tools - sticks and stones, use stealth to hide from their eyes: Spread the mud or do yourself a camouflage, or just to place various traps around its base and lock yourself in the refuge to utra.Razrabotchiki Game The Forest draw inspiration from films such as "Predator," "The Hills Have Eyes," "Hell cannibals", "I - Legend", "Descent" and the like, they are very strongly influenced the development of the game.

By: Cherry.Baby Category: Games Date: 25-08-2014, 03:58 Download: 16

Magic: The Gathering. Duels of the Planeswalker s 2014 [RUS / ENG] (2013) (PC-ENG-2013)
English | PC | 2013 | 1.22 GB
Genre: Logic

Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014 - a new part of the famous card game, which for the first time has a storyline campaign. The main heroine stands Chandra Nalaar - one of the most powerful planeswalkers in the universe MTG. The aim of the girls very well owns the elements of fire, to find and punish the cunning sopernika.Krome story campaign, the Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014 presented 15 special duels, new decks 10 and 10 fresh puzzles.

By: Cherry.Baby Category: Games Date: 25-08-2014, 03:57 Download: 18

Gods Will Be Watching [ENG / MULTI5] (2014) (PC-ENG-2014)
English | PC | 2014 | 426 MB
Genre: Adventure

Gods Will Be Watching - innovative psychological point-and-click thriller about the survival of a group of people who were left to die on the cold distant planet! Before you will be a difficult moral choice. What sacrifices are you willing to go to survive? Whether or not to kill the engineer became useless to feed his meat rest of the team? It may well be. But remember, the gods will be watching. Sergeant Burden and led them to a research expedition from the doctor, a psychologist, an engineer, a soldier, a neat robot in a tie and a Rottweiler were sent to the distant planet with a completely peaceful Sineikos to investigate virus found here. But someone, this study did not like and bioterrorist group attacked the village, stole all research scientists and left to die, breaking the radio with the help of which you can call for backup. During the forty days you have to care about the survival of a handful of people, food and warmth for them, as well as find a way to fix the radio. Their only chance to survive - to wait for passing by the spacecraft. But to do this for forty days they will have to deal with low temperatures, starvation, madness and paralyzing the body and the will of the dangerous virus. At stake - the security of the galaxy and the fate of all mankind.


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